Our cultural consulting and coaching solutions are designed to address the needs of different types of clients. From businesses and organizations to individuals, you’ll find a solution that will make international transitions easier. 

We help in navigating the sometimes perilous waters of intercultural interactions, managing multicultural teams, and supporting your international talent. 

We help you in your desire to re-invent yourself or your career at the time of international transitions.

Finnwards is also your guide for success in a culturally connected life in Finland.


an HR manager, recruiter or a relocation professional?
an expat looking to thrive in your life abroad?

Our expertise

Global dexterity

Global Dexterity is a method that helps you succeed in cross-cultural situations in a manner that feels authentic to you. We train corporations and coach individuals in this method.

Brain-based coaching

Our coaching approach is called brain-based coaching. It stems from current understandings of how our brains work.

Finnish working life

Our cultural-specific trainings and online courses are focused on Finland, the native country of our founders Minna and Heidi.


intercultural encounters are not always straightforward or easy

You often hear said that despite our superficial differences we are all the same underneath. We, however, believe that all of us are different but that difference doesn’t categorize us. Instead, it makes us interesting. We appreciate differences, strive to understand them and learn to communicate and succeed despite them.

international transitions change who you are

Whether you want it or not, an international transition will change you. It will change how you view yourself and the way that you view others. But we also believe that you can be in charge of that change process. A transition like this gives you the opportunity to re-invent yourself and your life if you so desire. Let us walk with you during your journey of transition.

having correct information helps

No matter whether you are going through an international transition yourself or managing a global team, having correct information helps you succeed. That information can be factual information about a specific country or culture but it can also be information about how we as humans react to change and difference. No matter if you participate in one of our online self-guided courses, live workshops, or coaching, you can always trust that the information we base our services on is well-researched and up to date.

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Heidi and Minna of Finnwards both have expat experience. We know what it takes to build a new life in a foreign culture. We have lived in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. 

We have also been extensively involved in international recruitment in our professional lives in Finland.

Our company name, Finnwards, is a play with words. 

Our mission is to help people moving to Finland build a satisfying and successful life here in Finland. We want to make sure that the recruitment of international talent is successful both from the point of view of the recruiting company and of the talent him/herself. We believe that international talent need accurate information about topics that will help them integrate and create their own unique way of living a Finnish life. 

Our tutorials help them towards Finland, Finns, and Finnishness. Thus our company name Finnwards, towards all things Finnish.

don't take our word for it

I would recommend the services of Finnwards to all foreign professionals coming to work in Finland. In fact, I would recommend the tutorial "Working in Finland" for everyone working here. Even Finns would benefit from it!

Sonja H
Sonja H.
HR Manager

The team of Finnwards is the real deal! I will never forget the way our family of four was guided through unexpected hitches on both sides of the Atlantic. Minna’s unwavering kindness, cheerful energy, and wealth of inside knowledge made putting new roots in Finland easy and fun.

Sasha G
Sasha G.

Minna has a very profound experience in international mobility and a very keen sense of cultural difference - her insightful (and witty) appraisals of Finnish professional environments, social conventions, traditions and history helped me to adapt to my new home more quickly.

Josephine H.
Josephine H.

You [Minna] are a trainer by vocation and this makes the difference. You excel in teaching, giving advice, supporting, inspiring and challenging and this is what any student would like to meet in his/her educational journeys.

A participant in Finnish work culture training

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A while back we published a blog discussing employment rates of recent graduates in Finland. Those clearly showed the advantage educating oneself further gives in the job market.A recent report by Heikki Räisänen from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland) demonstrates the same thing but with a different set of data. We discuss this report in our newest blog.www.finnwards.com/working-in-finland/it-pays-off-to-study-a-glance-at-expected-career-lengths-in-... ... See MoreSee Less
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