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Our work-related online tutorials make working in Finland easier for you. Check our tutorial topics to see how we can help. 


Building a life in a new country can be difficult. Our here tutorials make that process significantly easier, and living in Finland becomes a breeze.


To make the most out of living in Finland you also need to know how to have fun here. We at Finnwards will show how to do that as well.


Provide accurate and helpful information

We at Finnwards provide genuinely helpful and accurate information to foreign professional looking to set up a fulfilling life for themselves and their families here in Finland. Our topics cover the categories of Working in Finland, Living in Finland, and Playing in Finland.

Deliver the information on demand

Our services here are delivered in the form of online tutorials thus they can be accessed whenever our customers want the information irrespective of time and place. Our videos can also be accessed via a mobile app on your phone. Learning about working in Finland, living in Finland, and playing in Finland has never been easier!

Provide a community

All of our tutorial customers get access to an online community where they can interact with people in similar circumstances. In the community our customers can learn more about working in Finland, living in Finland, and playing in Finland.

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Our free guides and videos

Grocery shopping

This guide introduces you to Finnish grocery stores, informs you of price levels in different stores, and tells you where to find ethnic food stuffs. 

Furnishing your Finnish home

Setting up your house? In this short guide we'll show you different options for furnishing your home no matter what your budget or preferences.

Service map

The cities of Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, and Kauniainen have created an extremely useful service map. In this video we'll show you how to use it.

Organizing a b-day party

Organizing a child's birthday party in Finland? We collected a list of locations where you can organize your child's birthday party in Finland. Use one of these locations or use the list as an inspiration.


Our tutorials are a fantastic addition to your recruitment and on-boarding efforts. You can offer these tutorials to your future and current employees when you are recruiting them or later on in the employment relationship as employee benefits. Our tutorials are grouped under three general topics: Working in Finland, Living in Finland, and Playing in Finland. Contact us for more details. 

don't take our word for it

I would recommend the services of Finnwards to all foreign professionals coming to work in Finland. In fact, I would recommend the tutorial "Working in Finland" for everyone working here. Even Finns would benefit from it!

Sonja H.
HR Manager

The team of Finnwards is the real deal! I will never forget the way our family of four was guided through unexpected hitches on both sides of the Atlantic. Minna’s unwavering kindness, cheerful energy, and wealth of inside knowledge made putting new roots in Finland easy and fun.

Sasha G.

Minna has a very profound experience in international mobility and a very keen sense of cultural difference - her insightful (and witty) appraisals of Finnish professional environments, social conventions, traditions and history helped me to adapt to my new home more quickly.

Josephine H.

The owners of Finnwards, Heidi and Minna, have both lived abroad for years. They have first hand experience in what it takes to build a new life in a foreign culture. They have experience in living in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. They have also been extensively involved in international recruitment in their professional lives in Finland.

Our company name, Finnwards, is a play with words. Our mission is to help people moving to Finland build a satisfying and successful life here in Finland. In order to do that they need accurate information about topics that’ll help them integrate and create their own unique way of living a Finnish life. Our tutorials help them towards Finland, Finns, and Finnishness. Thus our company name Finnwards, towards all things Finnish, towards Finnishness. 

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