3 online courses on employment relationships in Finland

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Our mission here at Finnwards is to create content that helps foreign talent to thrive in Finland. In part, that requires knowledge about the Finnish labor market and employment relationships in Finland. 

We fulfill that mission by creating tons of free content and by producing self-guided online courses on these subjects. For example, we’ve written blogs about discrimination at the Finnish job market. Lately, we’ve also written a number of blogs about salaries in Finland.  

While our blogs are only short snippets on particular topics, our self-guided online courses offer a more thorough learning experience. Currently, we have three online courses on employment relationships in Finland.

You can enroll in all of our self-guided video courses via our online store.

Mini-course on Finnish employment contracts

Our short mini-course on Finnish employment contracts is particularly good for those who are about to enter into their first employment relationship in Finland. But it’s definitely useful also for those wanting to make sure that they indeed have understood the basics correctly.

We start the course by telling you what Finnish law says about the contract format. Then, we take you through all the topics your employer is legally required to discuss with you at this stage. And we tell you what the laws and regulations say about each of those topics. More importantly, we tell you the significance of different types of contractual wordings. This helps you understand what you are agreeing to actually. You’ll feel more secure in signing that dotted line.

The mini-course is about 26 minutes in length. It costs 16 € + VAT if applicable. In Finland, this amounts to 19.84 € with 24 % VAT. If you are not in Finland, our check-out system calculates the right VAT amount when applicable.

Working in Finland – full course on employment relationships in Finland

Our full “Working in Finland” is a deep dive into laws and regulations governing employment relationships in Finland. The course starts with the employment contract and finishes with terminations, and covers everything in between.

We talk about the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and the employee. Then we tell you about Finnish laws and regulations relating to working hours, annual holidays, and family leaves.

The course then talks about sick leave, and about salaries and salary payments. We tell you about occupational healthcare and how it is different from the Finnish public healthcare system. This is a particularly useful discussion for those who are not familiar with the Finnish healthcare system at all.

Videos also introduce you to Finnish trade unions. We briefly talk about their importance in Finnish society but more importantly talk about unemployment insurance funds managed by those unions. 

The course has plenty of content, but it’s chopped into short videos which makes it easy for you to pace your learning. Calculated together, the videos are about 3 h 35 min in length.

While the course is extremely useful for everyone, it is particularly so for people assuming a managerial role in Finland. As a leader and manager, it is essential that you are familiar with these basic rules and regulations.

The online course is priced at 199.64 €. You can also pay for this in two separate installments of 100.44 €. These prices include 24 % VAT for Finland. Again, if you are outside Finland, our check-out system will calculate the appropriate VAT if applicable. The base price, onto which VAT is added, for the single payment is 161 €.

Working in Finnish universities  

We used to have a separate section in our “Working in Finland” course for academics coming to work in Finnish universities. But due to requests, we developed that section into a full course of its own. We just released this new course called “Working in Finnish universities”.

As academic employment relationships in Finland are basically the same as any other employment relationship in Finland, the course starts with the employment contract and finishes off with terminations. 

We have, however, included quite a lot of information about the characteristics of academic employment relationships in Finland. We also talk a lot about academic salary levels in Finland. When appropriate we also comment on how certain laws or regulations manifest themselves in the context of academic employment contracts. This is true, for example, when we talk about terminations. 

The course costs 158.72 € (including 24 % VAT for Finland). If you are not in Finland, our check-out system calculates the right VAT amount if applicable. The base price is 128 €. The videos are 1 h 52 minutes long in total.

About our courses in general

All of our online courses are self-guided. It means that you can go through the videos and the accompanying materials at your own pace. We have kept the length of individual videos short and to the point. Thus you can devote as much or as little time to your learning at any given time as you want. 

Our videos are in English and they all have subtitles. We have designed our videos so that you can watch them with the sound on, watch them without sound, or just listen to them. While we do occasionally have text on screen, we’ve tried to keep that to a minimum so that you don’t have to stare at your device in order to learn. 

All of our courses have plenty of additional materials. Either they are downloadable documents or links to further resources. 

The prices we have quoted here are individual purchasing prices. If your company would like to purchase course access to multiple people we have bulk pricing options available. You can read more about that here.

In addition to our course on work life, we also have other courses such as our recent addition on Finnish nature

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The mission of Finnwards is to help internationals thrive in their life abroad. We provide coaching, consulting, and training services that help them do just that. Check out our Services for Businesses and Organizations or our Expat Inspiration Catalog for more information! While we serve internationals and their employers all over the world, our specialty is Finland. With our help, internationals can build a uniquely Finnish life for themselves and their family. In addition to the coaching, consulting and training services, we also offer a wide selection of self-guided online courses about Finland. Contact us and let us help you or your employees succeed in their professional and private lives abroad and in Finland.

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