Finnwards now a EURES Partner

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In early May, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland accepted Finnwards Oy into the EURES network as a EURES Partner. EURES stands for European Employment Services. 

This appointment is testimony to the importance of the services Finnwards Oy provides to employers and their international employees. 

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What is EURES?

EURES is a European cooperation network of employment services. The purpose of this network is to help workers move freely within the European Union. 

For the European Union, the principle of free movement of workers is one of the most important rights of European citizens. This free movement means that European Union citizens are free to move to any member state as well as Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland to look for work.

However, trying to find a job in another country can be really difficult. EURES helps jobseekers in this task. Recruitment from abroad can also be tricky. Especially if the employer is doing it for the first time. EURES, however, helps employers as well. EURES, for example, 

  • provides a portal where job seekers can view job vacancies in other European countries and employers can look for suitable candidates, 
  • offers information and guidance and other support services for job applicants and employers; and
  • organizes different types of recruitment events where job applicants and employers can meet each other. 

EURES Network

The EURES network consists of the European Coordination Office, the National Coordination Offices, EURES members, and EURES partners. 

In Finland, the Finnish Employment and Economic Development Office is the EURES National Coordination Office. 

EURES Members provide a whole range of services including contributing to the pool of job vacancies in the EURES portal. They also need to provide job applications and CVs to the portal. And they provide support services to jobseekers and employers. 

The Finnish Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-palvelut) also functions as one of the EURES partners in Finland. TE-palvelut has about 40 EURES advisors around Finland. They help Finnish job seekers branch their job search into the other European countries. And they help Finnish employers find suitable candidates from Europe. 

EURES Partners offer more limited services compared with EURES Members. This can be due to their size or the types of services they provide. To be accepted as a Partner, they have to commit to providing at least one of these services. 

Finnwards as a EURES Partner

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, when screening our services, deemed that the services we provide particularly to Finnish employers fit the EURES Partnership requirements. Thus, the Ministry accepted Finnwards as a EURES Partner. 

For employers, we provide a whole range of services designed to ensure that employers can attract the best possible talent from around the world and that the process of integrating the international talent into Finland and their work communities is as smooth as possible. 

This can mean a whole host of things but here are some of the ways in which we help Finnish employers. 

Our services as a EURES Partner

We support the employers prior to starting the recruitment process by helping them think through their recruitment materials and processes. The goal is to make them as inviting, transparent, and just as possible. 

We help employers tell potential recruits about Finland, the Finnish way of life, and working in Finland. We, for example, provide the international employees of Finnish companies with Finland-specific cultural training. Most often this is group training but we also coach individual employees. 

We’ve also created self-guided online video courses about working and living in Finland. These are very convenient for employers to use particularly in the early phases of the recruitment process. Some of our courses offer basic cultural information. Some offer very detailed information about the laws and regulations that govern Finnish working life.  

To ensure also that the work community is ready for and accepting of the changes internationalization always brings, we provide training and consultancy services in intercultural interaction and communication. These entail increasing the intercultural competencies of organizations and their employees. Such trainings are incredibly useful for any business doing international business. 

Our approach to these cultural trainings is unique in Finland. Minna Franck, our lead trainer, is a certified Global Dexterity Trainer. The Global Dexterity Method was developed by prof. Andy Molinsky, a Harvard-trained organizational psychologist. The method stays clear of outdated national stereotypes. Rather it focuses on the context of the intercultural interaction. It teaches a way for individuals to adjust their behavior. while still remaining their authentic self. 

The services we originally created for our private clients are well-suited to be offered to spouses of international employees. Thus these can supplement the recruitment packages Finnish employers offer their international employees when they are trying to attract them to come to Finland. 

Through these services, we help spouses 

  • tailor their job search strategies so that it fits the peculiarities of the Finnish job market;
  • understand the Finnish job market and Finnish society in general; and 
  • improve their capabilities for making a successful cross-border, cross-cultural transition. 

Finnwards Oy is a very proud EURES Partner! 

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The mission of Finnwards is to help internationals thrive in their life abroad. We provide coaching, consulting, and training services that help them do just that. Check out our Services for Businesses and Organizations or our Expat Inspiration Catalog for more information! While we serve internationals and their employers all over the world, our specialty is Finland. With our help, internationals can build a uniquely Finnish life for themselves and their family. In addition to the coaching, consulting and training services, we also offer a wide selection of self-guided online courses about Finland. Contact us and let us help you or your employees succeed in their professional and private lives abroad and in Finland.

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