Our mini-course on Finnish employment contracts published

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We have published several blog posts about working in Finland. We have discussed, for example, trade unions and unemployment funds, job hunting in Finland, and salaries. Now, we have published a mini-course on Finnish employment contracts.

Why a mini-course on Finnish employment contracts?

Laws governing employment relationships vary significantly from one country to another. Knowing the laws and practices of one country does not guarantee that one knows those of another. Not even within the EU.

EU employment law sets minimum requirements for terms of employment, but countries can set higher levels of protection for workers. Countries also have the possibility to fulfill certain basic requirements in different ways. These two factors bring variation to the terms of employment between EU countries.

Globally, terms governing employment relationships vary even more. For example, in some countries, employers can renew a fixed-term contract only for a certain number of times. In some countries, it is the total length of fixed-term contracts that is regulated. In many countries, employers don’t have to have a specific reason to offer the employee a fixed-term contract.

Some countries may even have lifetime contracts, which employers cannot terminate before the employee has reached pensionable age or another age specified in the contract.

The biggest difference to Finnish labor laws and practices is perhaps the employment-at-will practices in effect in the US. In its very basic definition, employment-at-will means that employers can terminate the employment relationship without a cause at any time. Obviously, the employee can do the same. Although, for example, the US anti-discrimination laws do restrict employment-at-will, they do put employees into a very different position compared with Finland.

So, no matter how well you know the employment regulations of your own country, it’s no guarantee that those will guide you through your Finnish employment relationship. For this reason, we have created a short mini-course on Finnish employment contracts.

Getting ready to sign your first Finnish employment contract? Be better prepared by taking our online course “Mini-course on Finnish Employment Contracts”. You can find it in our online store.

The content of our mini-course on Finnish employment contracts

In our mini-course on Finnish employment contracts, we go through the principal issues, which the employer needs to discuss with you. These are:

  • The location of the employer’s business and the employee’s place of residence;
  • the date when the work starts;
  • for fixed-term contracts also the end date of the contract, and the reason why the contract is fixed-term;
  • the trial period;
  • the location of the job;
  • the job description;
  • the applicable collective agreement;
  • salary;
  • working hours;
  • annual leave; and
  • the term of notice.

We explain what these terms mean and how they are usually defined in Finnish employment contracts.

This mini-course helps you make sure that you have discussed the essential aspects of your employment relationship with your employer. It helps you understand the central terms relating to Finnish employment relationships. Thus you are able to sign your employment contract with the certainty that your employer has covered all mandatory issues and that you have understood them and agreed to them.

Our mini-course is about 26 minutes long and we have divided its content into 8 separate videos. Find out more about the content of our mini-course and enroll in it by clicking in the picture below.

the price is only 19,84 € (incl. 24 % VAT for Finland)

for those of you who don’t live in Finland VAT, if applicable, will be calculated separately. The price without VAT is 16 €.

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