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Finnwards is proud to announce the release of a new tutorial! This one is called Your Crash Course to Finland.

This tutorial is an introductory tutorial to Finland for those who are just considering moving to Finland or who have very recently moved here. 

In it we go through the basics of all things Finnish. As with all of our tutorials, we have carefully curated the information we present and bring it to you in a format that’s easy to digest. Although we aim to make our videos fun to watch, we have designed them so that listening to them is enough. This allows you to listen to them while commuting or doing your chores. Just download the Teachable app and listen to the video on the go! If you just want to watch, but not listen that’s ok as well as all of our videos have subtitles.

Our tutorials save you the time of googling, translating, and verifying all of this information yourself. The Teachable app furthermore frees you from your computer altogether. Learning about working and living in Finland as never been easier!

We start this Crash Course with the geography and population of Finland. We talk about both the Finnish landscape and the administrative areas. In our video on the population, we talk about who lives in Finland and where. 

The second section concentrates on climate and the four seasons. The Finnish winter is often mentioned as something people moving to Finland are most hesitant about and perhaps even scared of. We don’t tiptoe around the unpleasant aspects of winter, the darkness and the cold, but we don’t forget to mention the often gloriously sunny winter days of February. We end this section with a video we have named “Nature’s nuisances”. There aren’t many in Finland, but we do talk about them.

The third section is an introduction to the Finnish society. We start with a few videos on history. Rather than giving you a long list of dates, names, and places, we’ll focus on issues that define Finland today. We focus on significant historical events, persons, and phenomena that help you understand modern-day Finland. After history we move onto languages spoken in Finland and religions that are practiced here. We’ll also talk about politics and tell you how you can get involved if you are interested.

The final section of the tutorial covers living and working in Finland. We start with housing and housing costs. Then we move onto issues relating to safety in Finland and then on to healthcare services. In our video on the Finnish working culture we describe some features that define work life here. Such cultural issues are also covered in our video on the Finnish national character to which we turn after discussing education in Finland. We approach education from a very practical point of view. There are a number of good descriptions about the Finnish education system online thus we concentrate more on the practicalities which are rarely covered in these descriptions.

The whole tutorial takes about 2 hours and 25 minutes, but it’s chopped into several short videos. You can purchase this tutorial on its own here or you can get it for free if you purchase our tutorial “Working in Finland” here.

The mission of Finnwards is to help you build a uniquely Finnish life for yourself and your family. Our online tutorials will give you the information and tools to you need to succeed in your professional and private life in Finland:

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