Your neighborhood nature in Finland: a new video course by Finnwards

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Nature often gets a special mention when we talk about what attracts travelers to Finland. Not surprisingly, it also features high among reasons to relocate to Finland. As in a aTalent survey from a few years back, where Finnish nature is listed as one of the top three things that attract foreign programmers to Finland. 

Nature in Finland has also been a theme in quite a few of our blogs. Now we’ve added a new self-guided online course about nature onto our course collection. The course is called “Your neighborhood nature in Finland“.

Our idea

Our purpose for this course was to make it a low-threshold introduction to nature in Finland. Its purpose is to introduce seasonal changes in Finnish nature. In it, we look at what happens to plant and animal life in different seasons of the year in our everyday surroundings. 

We do not take our audience into the wilderness nor do we expect our audience to go there on their own after the course. Rather, we wanted to pay attention to that part of Finnish nature we encounter every day when we open our front door. 

We wanted to offer a course on Finnish nature that would open the course attendee’s eyes to the small natural wonders that are all around us on our way to school or to work. 

Parents of small children can take this course and that way enrich their daily commutes to daycare and back. Together, they can look for signs of different animals living amidst them and recognize different types of plants. School kids can take this course and impress their biology teacher with their new knowledge.

Everybody, regardless of age, will look at their natural surroundings differently after they have taken this course.

Want to learn more about the nature around you? The “Your Neighborhood Nature in Finland” online course is a fun way to do just that. Get the course from our online store.

Your neighborhood nature in Finland

The course is structured based on our four natural seasons. While the course starts from spring there is no need for you to start there if you purchase the course at some other time of the year. Each section functions independently.

In each section, we look at both animal and plant life. In every section, we also give you tips about how to make most of that particular season. This means giving practical tips on how to enjoy that season but also how to possibly avoid some less pleasant aspects of that season. 

In the context of every season, we also talk plenty about the food items Finnish nature offers. We talk about the seasonal ingredients you yourself can go and get from the woods or buy from the grocery stores. 

We have included two recipe books in this course. The larger of the two is 30 pages long. It includes several different recipes for each season and different ingredients obtainable from Finnish nature. 

Front cover of our recipe book

Some of the recipes are quite traditional, and some are newer. We have used various sources for our translated recipes. Many come from the Martha organization. It is a well-known organization dedicated to home economics in Finland. Their recipes are truly tried and tested and as such extremely usable.

As an extra, we’ve also included our Christmas recipe book. That we provide usually for download around Christmas time.

In addition to the recipe books, we also provide our attendees with other downloadable materials. Some of these are informational. Some assist you in your nature observations. 

Our expertise

The reason we can without hesitation say that after this course you will see your natural surroundings differently is that in our course we can provide you with very high-level biology expertise. Because although this course, like all our other courses, is narrated by Minna Franck this one is written by Heidi Kinnunen. She is our resident biologist.

Heidi holds a Ph.D. in biology. She has 10 years of experience in marking biology tests of matriculation examinations in Finland. In addition, she co-hosts one of the most popular call-in radio shows in Finland, Luontoilta. In the radio show, she answers callers’ questions related to Finnish mammals.

The radio program Luotoilta is over 40 years old. The first Luontoilta was broadcast on April 26, 1975. Since then, the various biology experts in the program have received over 600 000 questions of which over 20 000 questions have been answered. Even the current president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, is known to have phoned in with a question. Heidi hasn’t been part of the program for 40 years, but her thus far over 10-year tenure in the program speaks of her expertise.

Now you can enjoy that expertise in our course “Your neighborhood nature in Finland.” The course costs 32 € + VAT, which in Finland equals 39.68 €. You can enroll here.

Learn more about Finnish nature and all the things it can offer you. The course includes a 30-page recipe booklet to help you enjoy the offerings. Get our “Your Neighborhood Nature in Finland” online course from our online store.

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