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The foreign language programs of Finnish universities are accepting applications as we speak. Also, the application period for teaching programs is now open as well. These give graduates the qualifications to teach in Finnish universities of applied sciences and vocational schools. 

In this blog post, we give you the basic application information for both of these options. But we also direct you to websites where you can read more. 

General application periods for Finnish universities

Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences have two general application periods in 2021. This first application period is for foreign language programs. The application period started January 7 and it runs until January 20. 

The second application period starts on March 17 and ends on March 31. That application period is for the Finnish and Swedish language university and university of applied sciences programs. 

The first application period of 2021 includes 268 different programs. 251 are at least partly if not fully in English. 

140 of 268 programs are in universities of applied sciences and 128 in universities. 

There are about 5 500 open slots in this application round. 

Here’s a listing of all the currently open programs. That link takes you to the Finnish language site with certain selection criteria already selected. Here is the equivalent site with only the English language programs selected. 

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General eligibility criteria for foreign language programs of Finnish universities

Each university and university of applied science program has its own eligibility criteria. To find out what those are, read the relevant program information first. If you still have unanswered questions, contact the admissions office of that particular program for more information. The contact information is in the program descriptions.

If you are applying to a Bachelor’s program or to a so-called 3+2 program (Bachelor + Master’s),  you need to have a suitable basic education to be eligible. That basic education is, for example, the Finnish matriculation examination, an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, or the European Baccalaureate (EB) diploma. There are also other ways to prove your eligibility.  See here for further information

If you are applying for a Master’s program, you must have completed a suitable bachelor’s level degree or another higher education degree. You also need to have at least two years of work experience after graduation. You can go here for further information. Also, check the eligibility requirements of each individual program.

All programs also have their own language requirements. Check the individual program information for the exact requirements. 

Applying to the programs

You apply to these programs with the online application form. You fill in just one application. With that, you apply to all of those programs you are interested in. Here are the general application instructions. 

You can choose up to six programs to apply to. You may be admitted to several programs but you can accept only one study place. 

Note that although you must submit your application by January 20, in many cases you have until January 27 to submit the required attachments. Make sure that you check the dates and document requirements for each of the programs you apply to! Do not rely on the dates we give here!

Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences charge a tuition fee from Bachelor’s and Master’s students studying in languages other than Finnish or Swedish. Use this site to determine whether you are exempt from tuition fees. Universities and universities of applied sciences can set their own tuitions. Check the individual programs for more information. Also, universities and universities of applied sciences have their own scholarship systems for students required to pay tuition fees. See the program descriptions for more information. 

Types of foreign language programs in Finnish universities

Based on website, there are currently (number of English language programs in brackets if different):

  • 4 (3) programs in History, Folklore, and Cultural Studies;
  • 66 programs in Business, Economics, and Finance;
  • 5 programs in Modern languages, Information, Communications, and Media;
  • 15 programs in Law and Social Sciences;
  • 8 programs in Transport services and administration;
  • 25 programs in Natural Sciences;
  • 13 programs in Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Sciences;
  • 10 programs in Tourism, Catering, Domestic services, and Consumer economics;
  • 10 programs in Education, Psychology, and other Behavioral Sciences;
  • 55 (38) programs in Art and Design, Music, Theatre;
  • 69 programs in Technology and Engineering;
  • 43 programs in Health care, Well-being, Nutrition, Medicine and Pharmacy; and 
  • 1 program in Security, Fire and Rescue Services

open for application at the moment. 

Of these programs, 57 are taught online. Some of these are fully online, such as the Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Information Technology, Web and Mobile Application Development at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Some, like the Master of Culture and Arts, Entrepreneurship in the Arts, photography at the Yrkeshögskolan Novia combine online and contact teaching periods. 

There are also programs that are designed so that they can be completed alongside full-time employment. So, if you are looking to up your game in the Finnish job market, this might be a possibility.

Professional teacher education programs

The Finnish professional teacher education programs are intended for applicants who wish to work as teachers in Finnish vocational schools and universities for applied sciences. 

These programs offer graduates a general pedagogical qualification for teaching. They are 60 credit points in length. Normally, they take two years to finish. They are usually designed to be completed alongside full-time employment. 

Here’s more information on this education. The application period for these programs runs to January 21. Here are the general application instructions. Check individual programs for more information.

As with the other English language programs, you use a form on the website to apply to professional teaching education. You can apply to a maximum of two programs with that one application.  

Currently, there are five Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland that have this program open in English. One program, the program offered by the Häme University of Applied Sciences, is completely online. 

Good luck with your application!

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