Fall is around the corner

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Hate to tell you, but fall is just around the corner. And do you know what that means? It’ll start to rain, and the wind will make the rain hit you in the face relentlessly. 

When you are living in Finland you really can’t escape the weather. You cannot hide inside for the entire time the weather is bad. Or you might try, but schools and daycare centers won’t allow that for your kids. Thus you and your children just have the cope. All of you enjoying your hobbies will certainly make the rainy, windy, dark, and cold days more bearable. Another thing that helps is having the right gear.

Kids in Finland will need rubber boots for sure. You should get them two different kids. One with a thin lining and another pair with thick lining. The ones with thin lining are good in early fall and late spring, whereas the ones with thick lining will be needed later in the fall or even during the winter if the weather is wet and above freezing. They’ll need them again in the spring when the melting snow makes everything wet. Get woolen socks to wear with the rubber boots. They make an extra layer of warmth but also make rubber boots generally nicer to wear.

Kids in daycare will need rain or mud pants together with the raincoats. While the majority of kids do have rain or mud pants, I wholeheartedly recommend rain overalls by Jonathan (link corrected Aug 13, 2021).

And no, we don’t get any commission from Jesper Junior for recommending them. I just happen to have three kids who’ve gone through the daycare age and they all had these overalls. These particular ones are relatively inexpensive. They are of such good quality that you can pass them along from one sibling to another.

One of the absolute best things about them is that, unlike the normal rain or mud pants, the kids can put these overalls on themselves. A fact that has been highly appreciated by my kids’ daycare workers. These particular ones are also so loose that you can add an additional layer underneath making them wearable also in near-freezing temperatures. Can’t overestimate what a difference these overalls have made in my life particularly in the mornings when every minute counts.

In addition to the raincoats, rain pants, or these overalls, don’t forget rain gloves. These come in two types, one with a thin inner lining and one with a thick inner lining. Get both. Again, I’m all about making your life and that of your child (and of their daycare worker) easier. With the thicker lining, your child doesn’t need to wear gloves underneath the rain gloves when it gets colder. One less step to take when dressing to go outside in the fall, yay!

Another essential fall and winter accessory is the reflector. Children’s clothing usually includes them by default (if not, make sure to add some), but adult clothing doesn’t. You should add them to your clothing as well, the more the merrier. A hanging reflector should hang at the height of your knees. A reflector band can be around your wrist(s) and/or your ankle(s). While they may not look trendy, they may end up saving your life.

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