Where to organize your child’s b-day party in Finland?

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Organizing a birthday party for your child can mean a lot of work.  In Finland families with small children may invite the guests to their home or have the party elsewhere. Usually the parents of the guests simply leave the kids to the party and run their own errands while the children are having fun. If you do decide to organize the party at your house, make sure you have help!

There are several opportunities to choose from if you choose to have the party outside your home; probably the most common venue for small children’s party is the HOPLOP activity park. They are reasonably priced and children under 7 enjoy them a lot. Still, there are many other good options: museums are a lot of fun if you can get a guided tour or a workshop.

If you know the children are very active, it may be a good idea to organize something more physical. The activities don’t need to be expensive. For instance skating in the winter doesn’t cost anything. If you bring your own barbecue and set it up next to the skating rink children can have hot dogs and roasted marshmallows between ice hockey games. We have seen this happen and know kids loved it! Public parks and playgrounds are good places for a b-day party especially during the summer.

Late summer is good time for SUP boarding. Renting boards isn’t very expensive, especially if there are two children on each board. Make sure you warn the rental company about the number of life jackets needed.

We put together an inspirational list of activities and service providers. You can download it here! There are of course many other activities and services, but we hope our free list might help you decide what might match your child’s age and interests. Pick your own or get inspired and find something completely different!

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